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Clean Sheets.
Clean Conscience.

Clean feels gooooood. It’s time to reduce your plastic waste with some fresh thinking – discover our natural dissolvable laundry detergent sheets.

Nada Laundry Sheet subscribers save 20% per pack versus buying one-offs.

  • No Single-Use Plastic
  • Not Eco-Toxic
  • 50% of Profits Donated to Charity

Do the Sniff Test

How many plastic detergent bottles do you use in a year? Dump the plastic and join Nada Laundry Club. You’ll get scheduled deliveries of our brilliant detergent sheets. They’re 100% plastic-free. And your first pack is also 100% free. So wash a load, give it a sniff, and see if you could swap.

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Lets Change Together

New Zealand is one of the world’s biggest producers of plastic waste... chucking around 1.4 billion tonnes of plastics every year. You can help get that number down to nada. Join the Nada Laundry Club – and the fight for a cleaner planet.

Feeling fierce? Our first drop is limited to only 500 subscribers.

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The Secret? They’re Soluble

Our lovely laundry sheets don’t need plastic packaging. Each one is pre-measured, so you can put it straight into the washing machine drum on top of your clothes. It dissolves to become a powerfully effective detergent… with no microplastics and no nasties. Just feel-good vibes.

Choose pure Unscented (for sensitive types) or Delicate Rose. We’ll send your pack of 40 or 80 sheets on a schedule to suit you – so you’ll never run out.

“I’m so happy to introduce you to the Nada laundry sheets! I’ve been using them to wash all kinds of loads. The laundry smells SO fresh – it’s an easy swap and a massive plastic reduction in my household!”

Simone Anderson

Brand Ambassador and Partner

Less Plastic, More Trees

When’s the last time you said, “Oh, just look at that beautiful plastic bottle over there”? Trees are awesome. Rimu, Kauri, Mangrove, Tōtara.. we never met one that we didn’t like. If you want to see less plastic and more trees in the world, you know what to do. Stop reading about trees and start clicking.

Every box = one tree planted. That’s a promise.

Try Your First Pack Free

Oh hello little detergent bottle. You look harmless. Where are you heading?

941 plastic containers are used by each household every year

386 go into landfill

94 end up in the sea

No dirt.

Because we think our planet is more important than profit, we donate 50% of profits to environmental charities. We believe that it’s the way all business will operate in the future – sustainable and scalable – because thriving communities support the economy.

Find out how we’re building a company with ethical operations from the ground up.

Our Story

Good, Clean Washing

No Microplastics - No Nasties

Flexible Subscriptions

Pause yours at any time - Satisfaction Guaranteed

An Enviro-Friendly Choice

Recyclable packaging - Every Box is One Tree Planted

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Our mission is to eliminate single-use plastic packaging from every Kiwi kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

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