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Say Goodbye to
Plastic, Say
Hello to Nada

The revolutionary new way to keep
your home – and the planet – sparkling clean.




Say Goodbye to
Plastic, Say
Hello to Nada

The revolutionary new way to keep
your home – and the planet – sparkling clean.

Nada packs all the cleaning power you need into one tiny tablet.
Simply drop one tablet into one of our reusable Lifetime Bottles, add water, let it fizz, and you’re armed with a super effective, eco-friendly cleaning product.


Good things come in small packages. Our tablets pack all the cleaning power you need to have your home looking spick and span. Zero harmful chemicals and 100% single-use plastic free


Tried and true, our sturdy aluminium bottle will stand the test of time. At the end of your bottle’s life the aluminium can be recycled back into its materials and made into new bottles.


Pre-Orders Placed Now Shipping In:


Due to high demand and unstable shipping globally we’re taking pre-orders in batches, once full our next batch will ready to ship later in 2021 or early 2022.
To avoid disappointment please get in early!

*Dates are estimated and subject to change.
Items may ship earlier or later.

• 1 x Bathroom Cleaner Refillable Lifetime Bottle
• 1 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refillable Lifetime Bottle
• 1 x Multiple-Surface Cleaner Refillable Lifetime Bottle
• 1 x Dishwasher Tablet 50 Pack
• 1 x Laundry Tablet 40 Pack
• 1 x Foaming Hand Wash Refillable Dispenser

• 2 x Bathroom Cleaner Refill Tablets
• 2 x Glass & Mirror Cleaner Refill Tablets
• 2 x Multi-Surface Cleaner Refill Tablets
• 2 x Foaming Hand Wash Refill Tablets

PLUS A Limited Time: Exclusive Pre-Order Bonus!

We will double your refill tablets for free

Get our starter kit

For only

$138 $99


No plastic, no nasties, no landfill. Just a small change that can make a big difference.


Cruelty Free

GMO Free

No Single-Use Plastic


Every year Nada will donate 50% of our profit to cleaning up Ocean Waste and Replanting Native Forest. We have Partnered with Trees That Count and One Percent For The Planet to help us achieve this mission.


We need a collective effort if we are to succeed at preventing and reducing waste.
That’s why we have designed Nada products to be easy-to use, convenient, eco-friendly, and affordable for everyone.


Like you, we want to ensure the planet can be enjoyed for generations to come. No solution is perfect, but Nada is committed to continual development towards being the least impactful we can possibly be.


We aim to leave the environment in a better state than we found it. Every product we make reduces single use plastic entering the waste stream. We are also committed to offsetting our carbon footprint by at least 120%.


Environmentally friendly shouldn’t have to mean sacrificing quality, nor should you have to sacrifice a clean home for a clean planet. Nada is just as effective and powerful as other leading New Zealand cleaning brands so you don’t have to compromise.


Caring for our planet will take a collective effort.

To have a truly meaningful impact Nada needs to be affordable & accessible to everyday New Zealanders, which is why we don’t believe in charging an eco premium for our products.

Spray it &
Say It

Shout it from the rooftops because
Nada is a cleaning revolution.

Here’s what our customers have to say:

I am so happy I’ve found Nada, and I preordered the Nada Starter
straight away! The first priority for me when purchasing products is sustainability and Nada absolutely ticks that box. Can’t wait to
receive my delivery – I’m actually looking forward to cleaning. 🙂

Ashley – Nelson

In all honesty I haven’t used them yet but I absolutely love the
design. They will look amazing on the bench compared to normal
supermarket bottles. But best of all no more single use plastic

Caroline – Wellington

I’m so excited to get this product! Sustainable and Stylish….exactly what I’ve been looking for. Also knowing that I won’t be using any harsh chemicals is a big relief.

Lou – Auckland


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