Our Mission

To eliminate single-use plastic packaging from every Kiwi kitchen, laundry and bathroom.

New Zealand is one of the most wasteful nations in the world, ranked 10th globally for municipal waste generation per capita. We dispose of an estimated 159g of plastic waste per person, per day.

At least 10% of all plastic ever made ends up in our oceans, either in its original form or broken up into harmful micro plastics.

1.8 Billion

Plastic containers are thrown out every year in New Zealand


Plastic bottles or containers are annually consumed per household


Of these could have been recycled, but instead go to landfill

Zero Waste Hierarchy

If we rely on recycling to solve this problem, we will fail. New Zealand’s small, dispersed population makes it difficult to achieve economically efficient on-shore reprocessing.

We need to entirely rethink plastics. The solution needs to prevent waste entirely through product innovation as well as minimising waste through reduction and emphasis on reuse.

Nada's solution

We’ve developed a revolutionary new way to keep your home, and the planet, clean... without the waste.

Nada packs all the cleaning power you need into one tiny tablet. Simply drop one tablet into one of our Lifetime Bottles, add water, and you’re armed with a super effective, eco-friendly cleaning product.

From natural ingredients

Made from at least 80% natural ingredients and zero harmful chemicals, Nada thinks long and hard about every step of the chain. From packaging to ingredients, we’re just as proud of what we have left out as what we put in.

Nada is sustainability made simple and accessible, available to every New Zealander online! No plastic, no nasties, no landfill. Just a small change that can make a big difference.

Nada vs Traditional

Most cleaning products contain up to 95% water – you’re basically paying for a plastic bottle (which you already have), water (which you already have) and a teeny-tiny amount of active ingredients.

Nada products contain zero water and are a fraction of the size of conventional cleaning products. This has numerous storage benefits and reduces the carbon emissions involved in transporting the product as well as eliminating single-use plastic packaging.


Nada products contain zero water and are a fraction of the size of conventional cleaning products.


Most traditional clean products contain up to 95% water.


20% of single-use plastic packaging could be eradicated if we only shipped active ingredients instead of water.