Our Story

At Nada, we are serious about creating a positive impact and we are committed to sustainability.

We all know there is a huge plastic problem in the world, but in the busy-ness of day to day life, it’s hard to break the cycle of endlessly consuming it!

We all want a clean house, clothes and dishes, however the easy options almost always come in a plastic bottle which will last a lifetime and only get used once. But what other options are there? Surely there has to be a better way!

Well, that’s exactly what Robert thought
when he started dreaming up Nada.

After months of research, Robert came across a new type of cleaning concept – concentrated cleaning tablets. It was genius. Most cleaning products contain a whopping 90 to 95 percent water. So when you pick up a new cleaner, you’re basically just paying for a plastic bottle (which you already have), water (which probably comes out of your tap), and a teeny-tiny amount of actual ingredients.

The solution was now obvious, but the ‘how to do it’ was extremely hard! He couldn’t find a manufacturer in New Zealand or overseas. So Robert, along with a PhD Chemist spent the next 18 months creating and refining our own formulations and

relentlessly testing them. James soon became involved to help take the idea and a few formulations to the next stage. Ultimately, the hunt for a New Zealand based manufacturer failed. We even started making tablets in our garage at home in Christchurch, before we eventually settled on manufacturing in China, which had recently developed the capability to do so. Through this process we had learned that even if the tablets were made in New Zealand, all the raw ingredients are manufactured overseas and then imported anyway. Robert and James are proud of Nada and hope you join us on our mission to reduce single use plastic in the home, and have little fun along the way.