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Laundry Tablet Tube

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Laundry Tablets 40 Pack Tube

Nada Laundry Tablets deliver a deep clean on your clothes without the need for harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients. Tough on dirt and stains but gentle on the environment, our Laundry Tablets come in compact tablets that pack a powerful clean without harming the planet.

No single-use plastic. No nasties. No landfill.

To use: Simply drop one Laundry Tablet into your washing machine and you’re ready to go! Use the same washer settings as you would with any other commercial detergent. Works well for both top-loading and front-loading washers.

Each laundry tablet measures 25mm x 35mm x 3mm and weighs 20 grams. Our laundry tablets come in a 800-gram hard cardboard tube that is made from sustainable materials, which replaces one single-use bottle or plastic pack of regular store-bought detergent. The tube packaging can easily be recycled in your local recycling centre along with the aluminium cap after use.


Sodium Carbonate Peroxide Sodium Carbonate Citric Acid, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Sodium C14-16 Olefin Sulfonate Acetyl Ethylene Diamine, Sodium Silicate PEG-6000 Sodium Polyacrylate Disodium EDTA Parfum (Fragrance) Magnesium Stearate

As part of Nada’s pledge to eliminate single-use plastics and promote sustainability, Nada has designed all products to be ethically sourced and sustainably manufactured using natural and synthetic ingredients inside independently audited sustainable facilities.

As part of our commitment to sustainability, Nada pledges to donate at least 50% of our profit to help look after the beautiful coastlines and waterways through Sustainable Coastlines and to also aid in reviving Kiwi forests through Trees That Count.

Nada is a proud supporter of 1% For The Planet – every year we will donate at least 1% of revenue to environmental causes.

Nada is a climate-positive company and we believe in leaving the world better than we found it. All emissions we generate are offset to at least 120% based on a yearly independent audit by Ekos.

Customer Reviews

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Michelle Svensson
Laundry tablets

I absolutely love these. They clean the washing amazing and leave my towels, tea towels etc soft after line drying, rather than stiff how they can get after other detergents. Yes the tablets don't always completely dissolve, but I always place in my detergent drawer (top loader) and never have issues. Love love love

Helen Parkes
great product

Very pleased with the product. washed the clothes well and left no residue in my machine.
would recommend this to others

Christina Cox
Convinced me to Change

Very satisfied with these

Laundry Tablets

A little disappointed in this product as it just would not dissolve - I tried in both the dispenser and then saw Simone Anderson adding it straight into the machine. After a few rotations the tablet ended up sitting on the rubber seal of my front loader and remained there for the rest of the wash so really very little detergent was added to the washing load.
Not sure how to solve this problem? Apart from this love all the other Nada products.

Pip Stewart
Not ideal for a front loader

I really wanted to love these but I am not wowed by them. I found the tablet didn't dissolve fully and kept getting stuck by the door of my front loader so i had to keep stopping the cycle and "repositioning" the tab to the back of the machine. I have also tried dissolving the tab in hot water before adding it to the load but even then, it still takes forever to completely dissolve. Will not be repurchasing.

Note: Due to continual improvement, product look may vary from shown photos above. All weights and dimensions stated are only approximates.