Our Pledge

We know with Nada we could make a difference. Every tablet we sell helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or worse, the ocean.

 Nada’s approach works with organisations and causes that care for nature and the planet.

What’s the problem?

1.8 Billion Single
Use Plastic Bottles
Every Year

1.8 Billion 
Single Use
Plastic Bottles
Every Year

We started Nada when we learnt that New Zealanders use 1.8 billion single use plastic bottles every year, but only 39% of that is actually recycled. New Zealand is one of the biggest users of plastic per person in the world! We knew with Nada we could make a difference.

That every tablet we sell helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in landfill or worse, the ocean. But is that enough? Could we do more? What about the 28,000 tons of single-use plastic that is currently disposed of into our oceans every day?

We knew with Nada we could make a difference.

With that in mind, we designed our business model not just for our products to have a purpose, but for our profit to have a purpose.

We’re partnered with Sustainable Coastlines

Sustainable Coastlines has a vision of restored mauri for our moana. We operate nationwide, connecting people with nature and inspiring change.

Sustainable Coastlines is strictly apolitical and focuses on solutions for people of all ages, backgrounds and sectors. We create open-access programmes, tools, data and resources to equip communities to look after their local environment.

Sustainable Coastlines

We’re partnered with Trees that count

Trees That Count are counting the native trees planted throughout New Zealand, and helping Kiwis to plant more. Every single tree counts, so whether you’re planting one native tree in your backyard, hundreds in your community or thousands on a farm we want to know! 

Trees That Count

Every year Nada pledges to donate 50% of our profit to cleaning up Ocean Waste and Replanting Native Forest.

We’re partnered with 1% Percent for the Planet

1% for the Planet represents a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations tackling our planet's most pressing environmental issues.

Their network exemplifies the power of collective action as we bring together individuals, businesses and nonprofit organizations around the world to support people and the planet.

1% For The Planet

We’re partnered with Climate Positive Ekos

Ekos develops, pilots and scales up innovative approaches to financing a sustainable future.

Ekos believes that the answer to many of the worlds biggest challenges is to evolve from binary thinking to systems doing. We love middle path solutions that deliver multiple wins.

Climate Positive