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Pretty good

This is a great idea and I mostly like the products. I think the nozzles on the metal bottles need a little improvement in both comfort and reliability but are not bad. The products do well and smell nice. The laundry tablets don’t dissolve in the drawer but seem to dissolve in the drum.

LastSwab Basic
luke Golds-Uili
Reusable cotton buds

Amazing product, have told everyone about it!

Laundry and dishwasher tablets So good I ordered again

I was truly surprised how well these little gems work. They clean well and are so easy to use even my 8 year old uses them. Love them and bought them again!

Laundry tablets & handwash.

Love the handwash. The laundry tablets are not dissolving completely in the washing machine, they are still solid when the washing has finished. Suggestions??

Hand Wash Duo
Hand wash duo

The hand wash smells lovely and will definitely purchase again! Love the idea that I am cutting out plastic!

Dishwasher Tablets 50 Pack Tube
Charlie Hodgson Hodgson
dishwasher tabs

we love this product well done fully recomend it well done

Family review of Core Four

Enjoying the Nada kit so far, great idea to reduce waste.
Glass & Mirror definitely the best in the kit, works well on glass and even chrome.
Foaming hand wash feels gentle, but one had reported a tingle sensation from the soap.
Multi Surface and Bathroom cleaner seem less effective than the Glass cleaner, although both smell nice, don't feel like they are lifting much dirt.
but, as a pack it's working well so far.

Great Product

I've been using this for a couple of months now, and am really enjoying the reliability and ease of use. It smells great and is both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. I am definitely glad I stocked up on refills, as I find the family are quite enthusiastic about hand washing now.

Nice to use

Great dispenser bottle. The cleaning liquid sprays on and wipes off easily to freshen up bathroom surfaces.

Hand Wash Duo
Jo Steedman
Hand Wash Duo

So easy to use, smells amazing!!
One very happy customer 😊

Hand Wash Duo
Ainslie Nicol
Love It!

Wonderful product, smells great and cleans well.

Foaming Handwash tablets

Just been using these for about 2 weeks and they work so well and also smell amazing. Wont buy anything else, now to start getting the other Nada products for home.

Washes hands well.

This foaming handmade works well, two pushes on the dispenser gives a luxurious foam.
I can't work out what the fragrance is though! It would be great to have a variety of fragrances to choose from, say citrus , lemongrass and/or fruity such as berries. Also in different colours to keep it interesting. Or to save additives keep the liquid clear.

Good stuff!

The only negative being that I still have to use rinse.

Hand Wash Duo
Julia Nissen

Hand Wash Duo

Love it!

I recently got the triple power starter kit after I saw it on Simone Anderson's profile, I was quite intrigued and loved the concept of using eco friendly products. I must tell you I am impressed! Its everything you need to keep your home clean and sparkly and its cost friendly. I am hooked and I don't see myself going back for the plastic one time use bottles anymore. Thanks Nada team!

Great on kitchen cupboards

I like the bottle, easy to use and not plastic.
The cleaning mix does a good job, cleaned my kitchen cupboards well. Same for kitchen bench.
A list of all ingredients on the website would be helpful for all your products.

Great Product

Works well.

Hand Wash Duo
A great deal !

The duo is a great deal, one for the kitchen and one for the bathroom!
The lovely foamy handwash cleans well and does not seem to have a perfume so that is great.
The glass bottles look nice too.
I was very impressed with the packaging that they arrived in, cardboard and paper only so all reusable and able to be recycled.

The Nada Starter
Diane Barlow
Nada Starter kit

So far loving the products and and would recommend them to anyone, so easy to use and love that you don't have to throw away any of the packaging. All reusable

Great idea, wish there were more fragrance options

Great all round hand-wash. Not very good at tackling greasy situations but otherwise great all rounder. I hope the product continues to improve with new fragrance options introduced in the future.

Game changer

This Foaming Hand Wash is a much better than the scummy soap bar or even worse, buying new plastic bottles every time. Love it!

Cleaning fun

Love the bottles and so far so good for cleaning products and results

Great Product

I pop the tablet in my washing dispenser drawer and it dissolves completely. Washing comes out clean too.

Great on stainless steel, not great on glass

I saw on Simone Anderson's Instagram that the glass and mirror cleaner is great for stainless steel appliances as well and it is! My fridge looks very shiny and has no finger prints now.
Update: I tried to use it to clean my mirror and it leaves a strange residue that I can't seem to get off. I've tried it with different types of cloths but nothing seems to work and it just looks bad. Not sure if this is user error but it's very annoying