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Foaming Hand Wash Refill Tablets
Susanne Elsner-Volkers
Great product

Hi, I really like your foaming hand wash refill tablets. They don't take up much room, minimal rubbish and fair price. BUT I was taken back by the way you have packed and posted them to me. Huge parcel and inside 6! padded envelopes with 5 tablets each. You could have just about fitted the whole order in one envelope and posted that. I did keep all the envelopes and shall reuse them . But otherwise happy!

Hand Wash Starter Kit
Sandra Morgan
Nourishing handwash

Nice handwash. Its soft on skin and has a nice scent. Good having a reuseable bottle.

Laundry Tablet Tube
Helen Parkes
great product

Very pleased with the product. washed the clothes well and left no residue in my machine.
would recommend this to others

Hand wash

This is a great product. Love the foam.

Foaming hand wash tablets

Nice smell, gentle to skin, lasts long and it is good for the environment!

Good glass cleaner

Good product to use on glass, brings it up very clean. Easy to use bottle

Good stuff (in NZ parlance).

As above.

Lovely smell, lasts a long time. So nice not using plastic

Lovely smell, lasts a long time. So nice not using plastic

Hand Wash Duo
Really nice Hand Wash

Very economical, and convenient to store tablets, pleasant aroma, and cleans well.

Good but…

I bought a big bundle of these tabs and have been using them daily for about two months. They do the job and get the dishes clean…

…and here’s a big BUT…

…after a while I have noticed that the inside of my dishwasher has more gunk/build up from fats/oils than with a regular dishwasher tabs. They don’t have a scent so when a cycle is finished it doesn’t smell nice when we open the door. The canister claims “fresh fragrance” but that’s not what I have experienced so I would suggest they develop a better/stronger scent for the tabs.

I would only recommend if you are used to a regular dishwasher clean out and value cleaning without harsh chemicals.

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Dishwasher Tabs

Cleans well, highly recommend 👌 glad I purchased the 6 tubes on sale. Well stocked for months

Great Product

Convenient 350ml size and good handwash solution. The tablets are convenient to store compared to other refill products.

Hand Wash Duo
A great product

An effective handwash that’s practical and refillable. It’s great!

Loving these products

These products are just great, easy spray bottles and they smell lovely.

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Alvina Edwards
Dishwasher tube 6 pack

I love my dishwasher tabs, and this deal was incredible value. Honestly I have used many products, Nada is worth trying I'm hooked, ngaa mihi

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Diane Davis

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack

Cleans well.

Pleased with the dishwasher tablets. Gets dishes very clean and doesn't have that chemical smell.

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Fiona Ruddenklau

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Ticks all the boxes

Think I am stocked for the next year. Easy to use - especially for kids. No mess and great for the environment. What’s not to love.

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Great Value, Cleans Well.

I love these as I prefer Eco, less chemicals option. They clean well . I have a half size dishwasher so snap it in half. Only thing is I wish it had a smell as my old Eco pods had a Tangerine Lemon which was so nice.

Dishwasher Tube 6 Pack
Jenny S
Works well

These dishwasher tabs work as well as the big brands at the supermarkets but they are better because there’s no plastic wrappers. Very happy we made the switch to Nada

Bathroom kit

Love it,smells so nice too

Won't ever change

I was skeptical at first, as with anything that is new, but the products are really good - my daughter reacts really badly to most cleaners but these she doesn't and in fact can use them! Cleans well, economical to buy and use and does the job the first time


Gifted this to my son. He really likes the hand wash so far

I’m in love

Such amazing product. Smells great cleans well. Love the lifetime bottles, not only waste free but aesthetically pleasing!!!