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I’m in love

Such amazing product. Smells great cleans well. Love the lifetime bottles, not only waste free but aesthetically pleasing!!!

Core Four Starter Kit
Maxine Paterson
Great products that do work

As above. Would recommend


Much better than any store brought dishwasher tablets

Every time clean

Love this product! No issues with kids over filling dishwasher or mess. Fun easy to use and so eco friendly

Convinced me to Change

Very satisfied with these

Great introduction

Great kit for an introduction to Nada products. Easy to prepare and use. And I Iove that I’m doing my bit for the environment!

Great starter kit

So pleased I ordered the starter kit. So much product I feel
Like I won’t be buying anything more for ages. Lovely scent to all the sprays. Great products

Hand Wash Starter Kit
Julia Oostingh

I am so happy with the hand wash but the laundry product doesn't dissolve always lying on the washing after it has been washed.

Awesome products!

These are the best cleaning products I’ve used and they smell amazing , will definitely be buying again!

The Nada Starter
Kirstyn Simonsen
Awesome Eco Products

I love the Nada range. The multi-purpose cleaner is definitely my favourite. I have now purchased further refill tablets for many of the and it's great, so easy to refill and reuse. Well done on a great product.

Laundry Tablets

A little disappointed in this product as it just would not dissolve - I tried in both the dispenser and then saw Simone Anderson adding it straight into the machine. After a few rotations the tablet ended up sitting on the rubber seal of my front loader and remained there for the rest of the wash so really very little detergent was added to the washing load.
Not sure how to solve this problem? Apart from this love all the other Nada products.

Hand Wash Starter Kit
Sherrilyn Smith

Hand Wash Starter Kit

Core Four Starter Kit
Margie Etherington
Nada review

Love 3 out of 4 items. The glass cleaner sadly does not work well. Had to redo with my old glass cleaner. Does not cut thru dirt so leaves smears. Love the other items 100% x

More Scent Options

Hi there, I've found the hand soap refill quite effective however I would like more scent options. I'm not a fan of floral scents on my hands and would like some fruit only sweet scents

Not ideal for a front loader

I really wanted to love these but I am not wowed by them. I found the tablet didn't dissolve fully and kept getting stuck by the door of my front loader so i had to keep stopping the cycle and "repositioning" the tab to the back of the machine. I have also tried dissolving the tab in hot water before adding it to the load but even then, it still takes forever to completely dissolve. Will not be repurchasing.

They do the job

Laundry Tablets

Laundry tablets certainly seem to get my load of washing clean. Only problem is that the tablet always ends up at the rubber seal at the front of the machine [door] and at the end of the wash half of the tablet remains undissolved. Have a front loader.

Brilliant cleaner

Already onto my second bottle of this - use it for everything and it works so well. Especially on cutting through greasy messes in kitchen

Pretty good

This is a great idea and I mostly like the products. I think the nozzles on the metal bottles need a little improvement in both comfort and reliability but are not bad. The products do well and smell nice. The laundry tablets don’t dissolve in the drawer but seem to dissolve in the drum.

LastSwab Basic
luke Golds-Uili
Reusable cotton buds

Amazing product, have told everyone about it!

Laundry and dishwasher tablets So good I ordered again

I was truly surprised how well these little gems work. They clean well and are so easy to use even my 8 year old uses them. Love them and bought them again!

Laundry tablets & handwash.

Love the handwash. The laundry tablets are not dissolving completely in the washing machine, they are still solid when the washing has finished. Suggestions??

Hand Wash Duo
Hand wash duo

The hand wash smells lovely and will definitely purchase again! Love the idea that I am cutting out plastic!

Dishwasher Tablets 50 Pack Tube
Charlie Hodgson Hodgson
dishwasher tabs

we love this product well done fully recomend it well done

Family review of Core Four

Enjoying the Nada kit so far, great idea to reduce waste.
Glass & Mirror definitely the best in the kit, works well on glass and even chrome.
Foaming hand wash feels gentle, but one had reported a tingle sensation from the soap.
Multi Surface and Bathroom cleaner seem less effective than the Glass cleaner, although both smell nice, don't feel like they are lifting much dirt.
but, as a pack it's working well so far.